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The Different Types of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood is one of the best flooring choices because of its aesthetic value. These floors have been around for a long time and yet they never go out of style. They’re classic, beautiful, sanitary, and tough. These are features that are quite hard to beat.  

But like any other part or component of your home, they get damaged too, especially in areas where there’s high foot traffic. They also get affected by flooding. Since hardwood floors are organic materials, their cellular structure will break down when exposed to moisture. But then, there’s nothing that proper hardwood care and maintenance could handle. For other issues, you can call up the Naperville hardwood floor repair experts.  

What are the Types of Hardwood Floors? 

There are different types of hardwood floors even if you think that they all look the same. As a matter of fact, they are categorized into three major groups. Each is different from the other in a certain way so you have to choose right when given these options. The three types of hardwood floors are: 

  1. Solid Hardwood

When they say that it’s solid hardwood, then it means that it is made with 100% natural wood. It has no additives or enhancements unless it’s the prefinished flooring type that comes urethane-based coating. But then, that’s just surface coating and all other materials are made with natural wood that came from cherry, ash, oak, or maple. 

The advantage of installing solid hardwood is that they provide the best resale value in homes. Many buyers simply fall in love with solid hardwood floors. However, solid hardwood gets damaged when exposed to moisture for extended periods of time.  

  1. Engineered Wood

Engineered wood floors are rather new. This is a new process of creating wood floors and it was only introduced in the middle of the 20th century. To make engineered wood, flooring manufacturers laminate thin strips of hardwood on top of thick layers of plywood. As such, 95% percent of the material is made with plywood. Only the top, visible part is 100% hardwood. 

Compared to solid hardwood, engineered wood is more stable. This is because plywood is not as affected by moisture or climatic changes than hardwood. It can even withstand minor flooding. However, engineered wood can only be sanded down twice its entire lifetime, only lightly at that.  

  1. Laminate Wood 

Laminate wood flooring looks very much like hardwood as an image of hardwood is seen on its top layer. It also comes with a transparent laminate layer for protection. But below all that, this wood flooring is mainly made up of fiberboard composed of resins and wood pulp. 

If you are working on a budget, laminate flooring is the most cost-effective choice. What’s more, it can actually be self-installed. But although they look very much like hardwood flooring, not all people like the idea that they’re just laminates and not the real thing. If you compare its resale value with solid hardwood and engineered wood, this one doesn’t perform as well.  

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Why Hire a Professional to Install a Window?

Installing a window is not an easy process you need to calculate exact measurements to make sure that your window will fit tightly and securely doing it wrong might cause accidents. We need to make sure that we use the proper materials that are strong and durable enough to protect you from any weather changes and other things nature has to offer provides the best window installation service.  

Tips on How to Install a Window 

  1. Prepare an Opening  
  • outline the opening of the window 
  • mark corners of the window 
  • cut through the siding 
  • check if the window fits the opening 
  • line the opening  
  • put a moisture seal 
  • mount the window 
  1. Mounting the Window 
  1. Finishing the Window 


Why are Windows Important for Us? 

Windows give life to our house it allows natural light to come in having windows can help you save energy with the proper placement to give your house a light and airy feel. We can see awesome views outside our windows we can see what is happening both outsides and inside it is giving us a feeling of security and privacy. There are a lot of windows that we can choose from that matches our wants, need, and our style. 

It is important to only hire licensed and professional people like Naperville gutter cleaners to do the job since they know what to do, we need to make sure correct materials are used to keep the windows on here place. A window is usually made of glass and they are breakable if something hits them, we need to make sure we only use high-quality windows, durable ones for it to last longer and can protect us no matter what everyday life brings. We have to get a professional installer to make sure that windows just don’t fall off for everyone’s safety. 

The Basics  

When choosing a window, we need to know what type we want and what they are called to achieve the windows of our dreams. Some examples are listed below are parts and kinds of the windows to help you or to guide you when shopping and choosing for one 

  1. Stiles – they are positioned on any sides of the window these are vertical supports of the window frame 
  1. Sash – the sash helps hold the glass in place it is a frame that has rails from the top to the bottom. 
  1. Muntins – is a type of window the divides the glass in different sections these are a grid that you can put any decorative glass. 
  1. Glazing – same as the sash helps hold the glass in place since it is also a window frame and it has different kinds. There is single glazing, double and triple. 
  1. Apron – it is a horizontal board that is attached to the wall under a window sill or stool 
  1. – it is a type of window that protrudes out like a shelf 
  1. Side Casing and Head Casing – are the mouldings that are placed shrouding the entire window 
  1. Rails this is the pieces that are connected to the stiles. 


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Towing Services what Makes them Important

Being able to drive a vehicle is not enough for you to know. You should prepare well for other emergencies that you won’t be able to fixed. If this happens you should give yourself a chance to do things that is right even if you have to ask others to help you along.  

When your vehicle broke down in the side of the road and you found out your spare tire is also down for the count. There is nothing you can do but to call an Oak Lawn towing service to ensure that you don’t drive yourself up the wall driving with a flat tire and damaging your car for worse.  

If you are ever in that kind of situation you can call someone to help you over and help you deliver your vehicle to the right shop to get if fixed. You see in the past, drivers would allow others to hook them up in their car until they can arrive in a safe destination. However, that isn’t really safe for you or your car. That is why towing services is now a serious part of any car business.  


Speed is an important part of a towing service. You don’t exactly want to be stuck in the place overnight because you don’t see any other car insight when your car broke down. So, with the response rate of one the best towing service company you can expect them to be there in a jiffy.  


Towing companies is required to have a license to operate. However, some towing company doesn’t have this yet so, as a responsible vehicle owner you want to hire the right company for you. Most preferably ones who are licensed. Licensed companies will have higher standards of operation because they are regulated by the state. In turn you will have a higher quality service.  


Safety is important when you are hiring a towing service. Not only are you given the insurance that your car won’t be damage but you will also save yourself from any personal injuries. You don’t exactly want to have that. To further damage your car by other people because they were neglectful of their duty. Good thing that great towing company would have a greater focus on caring and transporting your vehicle.  

These are a few points to consider what makes a towing service important. Drivers would not think the importance of services like this until it is too late. That is why it is better to be prepared and to keep your mind open to possible needs that may arise when you least expect it.  

So, as a driver or a vehicle owner look for the right towing company out there. You need to make your research thorough and you need to make sure that there are no short cuts made in choosing your towing company.  

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