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I struggled for YEARS with network marketing. I started off the old fashioned way:  making a list of friends and family, getting almost sick to my stomach, and either calling awkwardly or avoiding the phone altogether and feeling guilty for either calling people or for NOT calling people.


Then, I went door to door, literally walking into salons, spas, and health clubs blindly pitching my “juice” to them.

Also bad. Frankly, HORRIBLE.

Then, I went to buying leads. Paying $5 for each lead, and either having a pointless half hour conversation with them (NO ONE ever actually did anything, 1 out of 400 or so joined for a month or two), or getting hung up on.

Ultimately, this was a very expensive way to pass the time.

Then, I moved onto the internet and things didn’t really much better at first. Although, at least this way I was actually LEARNING real skills, that I could actually apply to generate leads and in some cases make some sales.

However, the internet is a BIG, BIG place, with lots of shiny new toys being thrown at you literally just about every day. If you don’t have a plan, it is impossible to focus and getting anything done at all.

What I want to do here is help you achieve that clarity and focus that took my so long to get to, so you can avoid the misery and years of failure that I had to endure.

The key is that there are just TWO things that you need to master, just two.

1. Master ONE traffic source. Whatever it is, search engine optimization, pay per click ads, social media marketing, article marketing, video marketing, content advertising, pay per view advertising, banner ads, etc. Just pick the one that most interests you and MASTER it.

2. Learn copywriting. Traffic means, literally, NOTHING if no one opts into your list or never buys anything. If you can convert the targeted traffic you are generating from step one into sales eventually, you will either go broke if you are spending money, or just end up completely wasting your time.

Now, there is definitely a strategy you are going to want to follow when setting your system up, and in my opinion there is no one better to put things into perspective and then offer targeted education that precisely meets your needs than Mike Dillard.

My entire internet career really began when I found Mike Dillard and got his Magnetic Sponsoring program. It didn’t end with Mike, as I went on to study dozens of other programs after learning from ALL of his programs, but it definitely started with him.

Here is what I recommend. Go check out his site here and learn about his MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 Course. It is the broadest course about online MLM there is, and will expose you to all elements of online marketing while supplying you with the strategy and mindset you need to succeed.

Then, using the knowledge you learn there, choose your one traffic strategy to master and get some programs that specifically just teach that ONE topic area deeply. Master that by doing it, and then study copywriting.

I have some recommendations on other specific training programs on this site, just doing some searching and you’ll find the best programs here. If you have some questions or want more personal recommendations and help, e-mail me at mike.rutkowski2009 at, and put “MLM HELP” in the subject line so I don’t miss it.

Oh, and by the way MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 is on sale through Monday May 24. It is just $399 until then, when the price jumps up to $997. So, save yourself $600 and buy it TODAY. I have some special autoresponder coding for anyone who buys through my link on this page. That coding will help to convert your visitors at a rate 300% what it would without using it, PLUS I have another secret that has increased my opt ins by something like 600 to 700% that I will share with you.

Just e-mail me after your purchase and I’ll let you in on the secrets!

At this time, I am also building up a local lead generating business (you can read about that here at my Local Leads website if you want additional help getting your Online MLM business up and running.)

Additionally, I strongly recommend getting on Mike Dillard’s e-mail list here. He is the master trainer of internet network marketing training, and I’ve bought just about ALL of his products.  If you don’t have it yet, buy his initial product now, Magnetic Sponsoring. I can honestly say that single purchase changed my entire business, and I owe him a huge round of thanks. Mike, whenever I meet you in the future, lunch and drinks are ON ME! 

Once you get some basic training (again, the best source for that is from Mike Dillard), the key is that you are going to need to focus on just TWO things:

1. Getting traffic from ONE source (SEO, PPC, Social Media, many different paid sources, Youtube, etc.) The list is nearly endless, but the key is to focus on mastering just one.

(Alternatively, if you want to just pay someone to do it for you, I can set up a lead system that will be unique to you and your opportunity, and you can just pay on a lead by lead basis. See my local lead site that I listed above for more information on that, to see if you qualify for that.)

2. Master Conversion Tactics – The key here is that all the traffic in the world won’t matter unless that traffic becomes real prospects who become real customers, clients, and partners. Mastering the skill of copywriting is critical, and again Mike has a great course for that. Just opt in with him above and  you’ll find all kinds of great training products that will elevate your business to a different level.

The core technical side of the business will be relatively simple (although it did take me some time to master.) The steps are:

1. Buy a domain name (I use

2. Get Hosting (you can use, I use for my hosting though, $10 per month for unlimited domains.)

3. Install WordPress

4. Update the theme. I use Socrates theme for some of my new sites. Customizable, and looks professional right out of the box. Really simple to use, but there are a couple tricks to know. I will let you in on those if you buy the theme through my link (I’ll add that here soon.)

5. Add in an autoresponder. You absolutely need an autoresponder to establish a relationship with prospects over time. Very few people will ever want to sign up with you the first time they meet you. (And frankly, you should probably be a little worried if they do!) The best autoresponder system is here.  If you grab the autoresponder through my link above, I’ll help you customize it and do some fancy things with it that can quickly set you apart from most marketers.

Once you have the technical system set up right, with conversion elements in place (like a short, simple video; personalized writing; a personal autoresponder series; and a compelling peice of free training to give them to start the relationship off right), the task of implementing your one traffic strategy is the last element.

You know what, I’m actually completely redesigning my site and am going to make it much more useful and practical with alot more training on it over the coming weeks. I apologize if this is haphazzard right now, I’ve just begun to start gutting this site and redesigning it.

What would help me out alot is if you e-mailed me any questions that you have on anything related to getting an online business going. Commenting here is ok, but frankly I get so much spam comments now that it is likely to get buried before I even see it. The best way to reach me is by e-mail at  Note that I have to type “at” instead of @ in that e-mail, or else the spammers will ruin that account!

Oh, and here’s a secret not too many people know, even if they have heard of Mike Dillard and his sponsor Mark Wieser. You’ve probably heard about their Black Belt Recruiting program (which is awesome and I’d highly recommend, click on that link for a free one hour video interview if you haven’t seen it yet), but Mark has his own program which is very inexpensive ($27) and VERY good. It is not widely promoted, so you probably haven’t seen it yet. You can check it out here.

I hope you enjoy the information here, and e-mail me anytime. I’ll help answer any specific questions or problems you have as quick as I can.

Be Sure To BOOKMARK US Too! 

Enjoy the info and the site, and drop me a line anytime.

You can do this, and I can help,

 Mike Rutkowski



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Mike Rutkowski

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  1. I loved your poston this and you surely wouldn’t believe how much I had to search Yahoo to get good information like this! I am studying at uni on this and didn’t quite understand a few things that are in metext books (god I hate those) and thankfully your info was straight to the point. Just like I like it!!

    I will surely be checking your blog out again in the future!!

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